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Crime Prevention and Victim Services
To Report a Crime in Progress, Dial 911 from Most Areas

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Photo of a cop with a stick in his both handsWe can take steps to reduce crime that will prevent the need for more dangerous measures

Juvenile Justice Clearinghouse
Hecht House Room 322-A 
School of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2170
Phone: 1-850-644-7113 or 800-638-8736 (Mon.-Fri, 8:30am-7pm)
Fax: 1-850-644-4668 
E-Mail: [email protected]  
Website: www.fsu.edu/~crimdo/jjclearinghouse/jjclearinghouse.html  
    "... to meet a critical shortage of trained professionals for programs that provide young people with strong, positive role models in their communities. The Program emphasizes cultural and academic diversity as students are recruited from a broad range of disciplines including: criminal justice, criminology, sociology, psychology, education, music therapy, and theatre. All of the students in the program all share the same common interest"
    The website is an excellent source of juvenile material.  It covers every type of juvenile focus, including: minority males and delinquency, females and delinquency, criminal justice, juvenile justice, drugs, gangs, mentoring, poverty, State Departments of Juvenile Justice, school crime,  victimization of youth, media violence, history of juvenile justice, preventing delinquency and the juvenile court system. -PT
     This site is great to volunteer with, and also to work with. It has a wonderful buddy program for younger children, so they can stay out of trouble. -OCC

Residents Initiatives
Phone: 1-800-955-2232 (Mon.-Fri, 9am-6pm EST) 
    Provides info and assistance to public and assisted housing communities on drug-related crime control in public and assisted housing. Sponsored by HUD.  

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Photo of a telephoneGiving your information over the phone may not be a good idea if you don't have confidence in the person or company you're talking with

Telemarketing Fraud
Phone: 1-800-878-7060
    Info on phone, mail and Internet fraud. Help with lawsuits. 

We Tip Hotlines
Phone: 1-800-78-CRIME (general) or 1-800-87-FRAUD (felony) 

   Takes reports on crimes or felonies. 

Crime Stoppers International
620 Public Avenue
Beloit, WI 53511
Crime Stoppers began in Albuquerque, New Mexico in September of 1976. Members of the local community, in partnership with the media and law enforcement, began an effort to provide crime-solving assistance to law enforcement."
    This is a very unique site. It does not contain much information on the website, although it does contain a lot of information about how to help your community by helping the police, or crime stoppers, with tips on criminal activity, in order to bring justice. There are many branches of this organization all over the world, so you can find one near you. -OCC

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Guardian Angels
717 Fifth Ave.
Suite 401
New York, NY 10022
[email protected]
    "... a voluntary, weapon-free patrol of thirteen to take the subways, the streets and the neighborhood back from crime. The accolades that followed and even the detractors decrying his initiative and success proved the value of the
comforting symbolism of the red beret."
    This is a very successful and very well-known organization. There are many different sections of this site. It does not give much information online, but it does have many programs that one can join, and have your children join. From the age of 7 you can be a part of this group, patrolling the city, learning responsibility, making friends, and more. The site also has a program for adults who are not official police but can help patrol areas. -OCC

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Photo of a man under aresstYou can help our youth grow up in a crime free environment, reducing the number of people who end up in prison

Teens, Crime and the Community (TCC)
1010 Wayne Ave.
Suite 870
Silver Spring, MD 20910

[email protected]
    "Youth and adults across the country have embraced both TCC's principles and tools because they know it works. Whether applied in rural, urban, or suburban areas, TCC is a low-cost, flexible, proven program for empowering youth to protect themselves and help them to take active roles in crime prevention in their communities."
   This is an organization with branches helping all across the United States. You can easily find one near you through its website. This is a helpful organization that helps teens get off the streets and helps stop crime instead of starting crime. -OCC

National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC)
1000 Connecticut Ave. NW
13th Floor
Washington, DC 20036
[email protected]
    "NCPC's Mission is to enable people to create safer and more caring communities by addressing the causes of crime and violence and reducing the opportunities for crime to occur. A national educational nonprofit, the nation's focal point for crime prevention information, the McGruff people: NCPC is all of these things and more."
    The NCPC is a very well-known organization. Using "McGruff the Crime Dog", it has reached many young people, and helped them to make a positive difference within their very own communities. This site has a lot of information about how anyone can make a difference. -OCC

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