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On this web page: You'll find many self-help issues with links to self-help and support groups.

Choose the ones that interest you or your loved ones. You may find helpful info on more than one web page.

See also other self-help information clearinghouses. There's additional important advice below.

We also have helpful articles on self-help issues. And there's much more on our Help Yourself main page.

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When calling hotlines: Many groups have toll-free numbers, so you can call from any public phone without revealing your name or phone number.

With abusers, serious addictions or psychological problems, there’s no guarantee that your problems won’t turn much more harmful - even deadly. It's very important for you to seek advice and help now - before something very dangerous happens.

Please note: Groups listed in this website are for informational purposes only. Hearts & Minds does not endorse or have an affiliation with any of them.

Our all-volunteer organization does not have the resources to investigate each group in depth. We cannot endorse any specific groups and recommend you explore several sources of qualified help and emotional support.

Not all groups listed run self-help fellowship groups. If they don't, they can probably refer you.

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