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The National Information Clearinghouse on Children Who Are Deaf-Blind  |  Helen Keller Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults

The National Information Clearinghouse on Children Who Are Deaf-Blind

Teaching Research
345 N. Monmouth Ave. 
Monmouth, OR 97361
1-800-438-9376 (Voice) or 1-800-854-7013 (TTY)
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.tr.wou.edu/dblink/
       "A federally funded information and referral service that identifies, coordinates, and disseminates (at no cost) information related to children and youth who are deaf-blind (birth to age 21). Four organizations have pooled their expertise into a consortium-based clearinghouse... American Association of the Deaf-Blind, Helen Keller National Center, Perkins School for the Blind and Teaching Research."
       The DB-Link website offers publications and databases to search. Also has links to related sites.

Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults
111 Middle Neck Road
Sands Point, NY  11050
Phone: 1-516-944-8900 (Voice and TTY)
[email protected]
Website: www.helenkeller.org
       "Renowned non-profit agency with a spectrum of special services that guide legally blind New Yorkers, young and old alike, toward a life of independence and success."
       The Helen Keller website offers newsletters and employment opportunities. There are links to related websites. 

5-Minute Hearing Test  |  ASHA Hearing and Speech Helpline  |  Better Hearing Institute  |  Captioned Films/Videos Program /National Association of the Deaf  |  Hearing Aid/Information Center  |  HEAR NOW  |  House Ear Clinic  |  House Ear Institute

ASHA Hearing and Speech Helpline
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
10801 Rockville Pike
Rockville, Maryland 20852
Phone: 1-800-638-8255
Email: [email protected]
       "To promote the interests of and provide the highest quality services for professionals in audiology, speech-language pathology, speech and hearing science, and to advocate for people with communication disabilities."
       The ASHA website has a well-organized homepage with search features. The site also aids with job searches and has plenty of information.

Better Hearing Institute
515 King Street, Suite 420
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 1-703-684-3391
[email protected]
Website: www.betterhearing.org
       "Founded in 1973... informs persons with impaired hearing ... and the general public about hearing loss and available help through medicine, surgery, amplification and other rehabilitation."
       The Better Hearing Institute website is text-based and has information about hearing help.

Captioned Films/Videos Program
National Association of the Deaf

1447 E. Main Street
Spartanburg, SC  29307
Phone: 1-800-237-6213 (Voice) or 1-800-237-6819 (TTY)
E-mail: [email protected]
       "Free-loan films/videos (no rental fees)... open-captioned (no need for a decoder) ... videos include prepaid return labels ... deaf and hard-of-hearing persons, teachers, parents, and others may borrow materials.... Other services include provision of free captioning information. Funded by the US Department of Education."
       The Captioned Films/Video Program has an organized site with plenty of information.

Family Service Association
184 Salem Avenue
Dayton, OH 45406
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.fsadayton.org
        "To strengthen families and communities through counseling, education, community building and advocacy."
       Provides links, parenting tips, health programs and services. -DHB
       It offers counseling services for families and community services for the deaf. -MF
        This site has information on parenting tips, programs, and services. It has information about community building and also services for individuals who are deaf. It also has counseling services for groups, families, teens, etc. -OCC

Hearing Aid/Information Center
1-800-521-5247 or 1-800-622-3277
[email protected]

Hear Now
Phone: 1-800-648-HEAR
Website: www.sotheworldmayhear.org 
       "Distributes new and refurbished hearing aids to people who cannot otherwise afford [them]. Many other programs.
       Site is temporarily down.

House Ear Clinic
2100 W. 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA  90057
Phone: 1-213-483-9930 (Voice)
1-714-516-9570 - Orange County Office, Orange, CA
1-213-483-4431 (Voice)
1-213-484-2642 (TDD)
Feedback: www.hei.org/feedb.htm
Website: www.hei.org/welcome.htm
       "A private otologic medical practice [that] specializes in diagnosis and treatment of ear diseases, hearing loss and disorders related to facial nerve, acoustic tumors and the balance system. Can provide information on patient treatment."
       The House Ear Clinic site offers visitors instructions to its clinic and institute. Also there are publications and a handy site search.

American Foundation for the Blind  |  Blind Children's Center  |  Guide Dog Foundation  |  Job Opportunities for the Blind  |  The Lighthouse  |  Prevent Blindness America  |  Recording For the Blind and Dyslexic

Photo by JasonAlthough we can't share a beautiful sunset with people who are blind, we can share many other, valuable experience by helping them, photo taken at Fatepur Sikri, India

American Foundation for the Blind
11 Penn Plaza
Suite 300
New York, NY 10001
1-800-AFB-LINE or 1-800-232-5463, 1-212-502-7661
Hearing Impaired
[email protected]
Website: www.afb.org/afb/
       "A nonprofit organization founded in 1921 and recognized as Helen Keller's cause in the United States is a leading national resource for people who are blind or visually impaired, the organizations that serve them, and the general public. The mission of the American Foundation for the Blind is to enable people who are blind or visually impaired to achieve equality of access and opportunity that will ensure freedom of choice in their lives. AFB fulfills this mission through four primary areas of activity regarding the non-medical aspects of blindness and visual impairment: to enable people who are blind or visually impaired to achieve equality of access and opportunity to ensure freedom of choice in their lives." Provides info and referrals. Has catalog of publications.
       The American Foundation for the Blind site has a lot of information. There is a list of 75 reasons why you should donate to the organization, which is good to look at.

Blind Children's Center
4120 Marathon Street
Los Angeles, CA  90029-3584
Phone: 1-323-664-2153
               1-800-222-3567 (California)
               1-800-222-3566 (USA)
Website: www.blindcntr.org
       "A family-centered agency which serves children with visual impairments from birth to school age. Programs and services help children acquire skills and build independence. Serves families and professionals worldwide through support services, education and research." Educational correspondence program. Several booklets and newsletter available. Referrals to support groups in Los Angeles area.
       The Blind Children's Center website has different programs including an infant program and social services. The "additional information" link displays related sites.

Guide Dog Foundation
371 East Jericho Tpke.
Smithtown, NY 11787-2976
1-631-265-2121 or 1-800-548-4337 (Outside the New York Metropolitan Area)
: [email protected]
Website: www.guidedog.org
       "Provides seeing eye dogs to the blind free of charge [and also] offers extensive public education vehicles to broaden society's understanding of vision, vision impairment, blindness and disability rights."
       The Guide Dog Foundation site has a search on the homepage. The site has information on how to donate, adopt a dog and volunteer.

Job Opportunities for the Blind

National Federation Of The Blind
1800 Johnson Street
Baltimore, Maryland  21230
Phone: 1-410-659-9314 or 1-800-638-7518
E-mail: [email protected].
       "Free services for blind persons who are looking for work. Literature."
       A text-based site that has a wealth of information on blindness. The site lists organizations of and for blind people.

The Lighthouse
111 East 59th Street
New York, NY 10022-1202
Phone: 1-212-821-9200 or 1-800-829-0500 or 1-212-821-9713 (TTY)
[email protected]
Website: www.lighthouse.org
       To enable people of all ages to overcome vision impairment through worldwide leadership in vision rehabilitation services, education, research and advocacy.
       The Lighthouse site has information on how to donate and volunteer along with employment opportunities. There is a lot of information in the link to the "Lighthouse Center for Education".

Prevent Blindness America
National Office:
Prevent Blindness America
500 E. Remington Rd.
Schaumburg, IL  60173
Phone: 1-847-843-2020 or 1-800-331-2020
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.prevent-blindness.org
       "Serves millions of people each year through public and professional education, community and patient services programs and research. With a nationwide network of affiliates, committed to eliminating preventable blindness in America." Info on vision, eye health and safety; literature.
       The Prevent Blindness America site has a feature where you can test your eyesight. There is also a newsletter to read at this site.

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