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All parents want their children to be safe. You can learn how to make the online experience secure and fun by filtering harmful content.

All Internet Security.Com
M2A multimedia inc
4067, St-Laurent Blvd, Suite 205
Montreal (QC), Canada H2W 1Y7
Phone: 1-888-234-8393 (USA & Canada)
Website: www.all-internet-security.com/content_filtering
E-Mail:  [email protected]
       "One of the most comprehensive and useful resources on the Web for Internet Security. With tens of thousands of visitors each week, this directory is an established and active marketplace for free shareware and Internet Security resources."
        Contains impressive content filtering resources that are paid advertisers on this website. Company makes a range of other services and products available on its home page. -SSN

1304 Newbury Road, Unit E
Newbury Park, CA 91320
Phone: 1-805-499-9160 
Website: www.safesurf.com
E-Mail: [email protected] 
    Dedicated to making the Internet safer for your children without censorship. We've developed and are implementing an Internet Rating Standard that is bringing together parents, providers, publishers, developers, and all the resources available on the Internet to achieve this goal.   It involves marking sites with the SafeSurf Wave.
       We take a positive stand on what's available on the Internet with KID'S WAVE, a list of top sites devoted to educating and entertaining children. 

Other web filters to protect kids:

Child Safe   Cyber Sitter   Surf Watch  
Cyber Patrol
   SmartAlex ICU   NetNanny

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