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If You're Depressed or Isolated
A personal letter to you

Compiled by "Ex-depressed' 
For Hearts & Minds

Dear friend,

      If you are depressed or isolated, you can't reach your potential for fulfillment and success. As I've experienced myself, it is possible to overcome serious depression.

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Rediscover your joyful and carefree spirit today

Consider your value
      Think about your many qualities. Remember that you are intelligent, sensitive, and concerned about important issues. If you haven't always been these things, it is good that you are aware of what you can strengthen. However, if you are depressed, you surely can't recognize your full value.

      Here's something helpful to remember: We can't judge where we're going by where we've been or where we are now. The Bible - and even "People" magazine - have many examples of overcoming great difficulties.

      The richest, best looking, or most connected are not always most blessed. Far from it. We can overcome our challenges and find greater value for ourselves and others if we make wise use of our opportunities.

       Here's some helpful suggestions for building self esteem.

Don't be discouraged
      After what you've been through, it's understandable that you feel discouraged at times, but don't give up. As I'm learning, too, emotions are important but they can be a very inaccurate assessment of our potential.

Photo of a man wearing a "Colonies of Sparkle" jacket, Temple of Heaven Park, Beijing, ChinaDon't let the days go by being sad. Think positively

You can make progress
      I want to emphasize how much I believe in you and your ability to overcome difficulties. If you apply the insights here and on other Web pages (below), you can make great progress in the next few months.

      You can move toward overcoming the depression, isolation, and frustrations you have suffered all too much.

      It will take effort, but don't be discouraged. It's worth it.

      I write this from first-hand experience. I haven't overcome all difficulties, but I have made substantial progress.

I've seen the power of change
      My life seemed difficult, even hopeless. But now I'm growing spiritually, with increasingly satisfying friendships and meaningful, fulfilling work.

      It's important for us to remember an excellent way to avoid difficulties: working to improve our situation BEFORE we feel overwhelmed.

If you find people difficult or cruel
      This world and the people in it can be harsh and insensitive. Unfortunately, kindness, often seen as vulnerability, is sometimes treated as opportunities for cruelty. (Other times, we will be appreciated.)

      I, too, have been subject to recurring difficulties with people. For me, there was no easy answer. But, in time and with insight, I've learned better ways to take care of myself, to more often defuse and avoid such situations. I believe you can, too.

      There are many good sources of helpful insights and techniques. Through our self-help group listings found in this website at Complete List of Self-Help Issues, you can find many other people who can help also.

     I've found this book very helpful towards overcoming depression. The title is also a link to low cost price comparison to buy online through www.bestwebbuys.com. You can also borrow this book free from many public libraries: Undoing Perpetual Stress: The Missing Connection between Depression, Anxiety, and 21st Century Illness by Richard O'Connor.

      As I've seen, tough challenges call for all the help one can get, from as many sources as are available. I hope that you will think about that and not cut yourself off from your potential for growth and change.

Photo of a Blue Ocean


Your qualities
      Here are qualities you can develop and that you may already have plenty of: intelligence, dedication, strong desire to accomplish things, and an ability to question things, to name a few of your many strengths and good qualities.

Doing good
      We may not be able to understand God - or "stand up" to Him, but we always have the opportunity to do good. And if that's not good enough for God...( But it is, I believe.)

"What a wonderful thing that we can start doing good at this very moment." 
     -Anne Frank, quoted in Hearts and Minds' Inspiring Quotes

       Though it can be subtle, I believe God can be a great source of help and strength.

Important Note: This is not complete advice for any psychological or emotional difficulties. A professional therapist with training and experience for your specific challenges is recommended.

You can follow these links to self-help and support groups in your local area: 

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