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Photo of a senior working on a piece of art for the Seniors for Change programSummary of the Program

For an event at your location, Hearts & Minds provides:

  • Guidance on how to communicate effectively with the public, based on our professional experience in advertising, marketing and communications.
  • An inspiring discussion of solutions for poverty and environmental issues, including how seniors can help create a more just and sustainable planet.
  • Photographer(s) to take pictures of participants and their work.
  • Possible media coverage. Participants may be interviewed, photographed, or filmed for print, broadcast and other media.
  • Forms giving permission to show pictures of participants and their work on-line on the Hearts & Minds website - - and in other media. Please have these forms signed and ready for Hearts & Minds by the start of the event.
  • If possible, please supply a PC computer, computer projector and screen or white wall. This enables us to include a better presentation.

Your organization would provide (these details are flexible, but please let us know ahead if they will be very different):

  • 20 - 25* seniors at one time and plenty of table or desk space (at least 30" wide x 30" deep per person for them to work on. This event must be in a public or community space, not in a private home. We need an advance estimate of how many will attend.
    *Events with as few as 10 or as many as 50 are also possible.
  • Light refreshments for all of those attending. The maximum number of adults to be expected from Hearts & Minds is usually four volunteers. You will be kept posted if additional media will be attending.
  • Signed permission/release forms for us to collect at the event. Otherwise, we cannot put their artworks and photos online.
  • Art supplies* sufficient for all the seniors to work with at the same time. This should include:
    • clean white paper (8-1/2" x 11") or stiff, white, poster-size paper (11" x 17", for example)
    • a full range of brightly colored, non-toxic paint, markers or crayons, tested in advance to make sure they work well on the paper provided.
    • No more than three seniors should have to share one full set.
    • 8-1/2" x 11" lined paper and pens for each senior to write essays, poetry or letters. Photo of a senior posing for camera during Seniors for Change Event

Seniors are concerned for the future of our world

*If you are not able to provide art materials, Hearts & Minds may find sponsors for this. Please let us know in advance if you cannot provide all of the specified materials.

This event could be scheduled as follows (days and start times are very flexible):

Sample Event Schedule

  • 3:00 PM -  Refreshments/settling in
  • 3:15 - Introductions of Hearts & Minds, other facilitators and the participants
  • 3:20 -  Lecture/discussion of poverty and/or the environment, art techniques and effective communication
  • 3:40 -  Poster, essay and poetry creation time
  • 4:20 -  Group review of the work, further discussion of the issue -or- talk about letter writing techniques, identification of each person's representative
  • 4:40 -  Time for additional work or writing letters to our elected representatives
  • 5:00 -  Group review and further discussion
  • 5:30 -  Good-byes

An alternative event, in which each senior creates one piece of art for inclusion in a "Change Our World" collage, can be completed in just two hours.

Other than the items above, there is no required costs or payment for this event.

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