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Vision Statement
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Note: What follows on this page is a vision statement written in our early years. It still says a lot about the basic thinking behind all we do, but here's more info on our priorities: Our Mission.

The biggest issue
       Poverty, racism, the environment - Hearts & Minds combats these pertinent issues. However, we directly address a larger issue affecting all the others: Millions of people are apathetic, cynical, or unsure how much they can help themselves and others - and do not realize how fulfilling that can be. Much could be accomplished by getting them involved.

The power of communication
       Hearts & Minds is a clearinghouse of helpful information, motivating people to get involved and showing how to make self-help, volunteering, and donations more effective. We work to reach people nationwide and globally through our website and public education and activism campaigns.

       Our basic message: Each individual has untapped power to make things better. 

Communication Works
        People are moved by what they read, hear, and see. That is why more than $276 billion was spent on advertising in 2005.*
*Total advertising expenditures by companies and individuals in the USA. Source: Robert Coen's Universal/McCann Insider Report December '05 

       Hearts & Minds' volunteers have worked on many successful campaigns. Our skills in advertising, publicity, marketing, non-profit, and business management help motivate people in many ways.

People want this information
       In 2001, we Americans gave more than $182 billion* to a wide range of nonprofit organizations, and we are also avid volunteers. In addition, there is widespread recognition of the need for media and politicians to better address the issues. However, we are not always sure how much of a difference we can make.
*Source: Giving USA, American Association of Fund-Raising Counsel

Finding answers
       We encourage you to think deeply about your role in creating and solving problems. Rather than prescribe one set answer, we promote and encourage inquiry, discussion, and involvement as key to constructive change.

       Our growing website includes articles on the environment, poverty, campaign reform, self-help, and other important issues. 

We show ways to get involved in many places

More info on Hearts & Minds
       Our growing organization provides opportunities for high school and college students, college graduates, experienced professionals, and concerned individuals to work collaboratively, inspiring people to help others.

       If you are interested in membership or making a donationscontact us. You can also volunteer with us from anywhere in the world. 

       There are other ways to help and your input is always welcome.

       Please read our copyright notes for information regarding reprints.

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