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Volunteer and Internship Opportunities
Help yourself - help others

Important notes: This is an exciting time. We’re doing a major reevaluation. There may be big changes in the End Poverty Campaign and other projects. .

For most activities, we require at least a year of experience - and several years for some activities. Except for those with high level, professional skills, we ask most volunteers to average at least 15 hours a week. Some exceptions to these guidelines are possible. You can speak with us about this before you come in.

Below is important information on volunteering and what you can gain here. Please read it completely before your info session.

This page is also important before your info session.

You can help from anywhere on Earth (and elsewhere if you can manage a phone, fax or e-mail connection).

Help fulfill Our Mission with the End Poverty CampaignSM and other programs, using creativity and innovation to encourage public service.

Utilize your abilities, sharpen your skills and grow in new areas. Learn while helping others make a difference.

Small is good
Our all volunteer organization is fairly small with two to 5 volunteers in our office at a time.

This smaller size offers you opportunities to directly work with our president and others. We get plenty done for our size, and we're very responsive to new ideas. Our offices are not luxurious, but we are very friendly and of Hearts & Minds' volunteers

Sapna, a Hearts & Minds volunteer, enjoying gaining experience while helping us help millions of people

Skills and experience
Experience is required. We may provide additional training.

Foreigners welcome
We often have volunteers from many nations. No special visa is required, since there is no pay, and you are not replacing an employee.

If your English is limited, your activities with us may be limited. We can arrange an assessment by phone or Skype (ours is: greatchange), before you decide whether to visit our office.

Volunteering with us provides excellent opportunities to further improve your English skills. We have many recommendations how to advance your skills with any language.

Develop skills
Get involved in your choice of hands-on work. Build on your experience in your choice from a wide range of Working Groups.

All volunteers are always welcome to let us know how we can improve their experiences and our organization's work.

There are some limits to who can volunteer. If you qualify, you can schedule flexible times, convenient for you. You can start and end just about any time.

We're officially open for volunteers 1 PM - 6 PM Mondays, 10 AM - 6 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 10 AM - 3 PM Fridays. Substantial additional hours including evenings and weekends may be available for selected volunteers.

We are in an interesting, pleasant neighborhood in New York City, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Some activities can also be done from outside our office, anywhere in the world, including these projects.

There are ways we help our volunteers and interns. We do not provide housing, but here is some helpful advice.

Chizko, one of Hearts & Minds' volunteersChizuko, another Hearts & Minds volunteer, doing valuable research for the End Poverty Campaign.
     She also participated in strategic planning meetings and more. Here she writes to an elected representative to help end extreme global poverty.
     You, too, can choose from a wide range of interesting activities.

Unpaid internships, co-ops and more
To get our title of intern, you must complete at least 250 hours. Extended internships are at least 400 hours. Advanced internships of 700 hours and Co-ops of 1,000 hours are also available.

We also offer Leadership Opportunities for more ambitious individuals.

Students may fulfill community service or internship requirements and gain valuable experience. Course credit and independent study are possible in collaboration with your school. Here's more info.

Volunteers under age 18 can participate in most of the same activities as our older volunteers. They need a parent or legal guardian to co-sign our Volunteer Policies.

Hearts & Minds works with volunteers age 14 or older - and even some who are younger if always accompanied by a parent or guardian, who are also welcome to attend our info session and meet our president.

Special Needs
You can speak directly with our president, Bill Blackman, at 212-280-0333, or communicate with him by email. Your conversation can be kept confidential. Bill can help you decide if this organization is good for you. If not, we offer advice how to find volunteer experience elsewhere.

We will gladly consider installing additional software or equipment to make your experience here more comfortable, effective and fulfilling.

For hearing impaired individuals, we usually communicate by typing on a computer. This has worked well so far.

For visually impaired, if you can touch type, there may be extensive things you can do on our computers.

For physically challenged individuals, this may include regular meetings in a fully accessible part of the building that houses our offices. We may also set you up with a wireless connection to our computer network there.
Please note:
Our main office is on a second floor accessible only by steps. We regret that we cannot afford to install an elevator.

Mentally and psychologically challenged individuals: Please talk with Bill first, so we can decide what opportunities are best for you.

Required community service: We appreciate these volunteers, and they often make a valuable contribution. We also welcome court-ordered volunteering, but not for all alleged crimes. A few other special conditions also apply: more info.

Pay, expenses, costs and fees
We have a limited budget, so there's no pay or stipends. Due to our limited budget, there are no living expenses or transportation reimbursements available. We do pay some other expenses when specifically approved in advance.

For most volunteers, there are no application charges.

We ask our volunteers to make monthly donations on a sliding scale. Those of limited means may give $5 a month, if they can. The amount is up to you, based on what you can readily afford. For well-off volunteers, we appreciate your considering a donation of $100 a month or more.

Our preference is for you to set up an automatic, monthly donation here. You can always discontinue this. You can also donate at our office. Please do not send cash by mail.

You are not expected to start donating before your second time volunteering, and your info session doesn't have to count. There is a larger minimum for some required community service volunteers: more info.

There are no other charges.

We guarantee that all ongoing volunteers will gain experience of lasting value for their lives.

This is also important before your info session

An additional helpful page on volunteering

You can apply now!

For other messages or questions, you can also Contact Us,

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