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Directions to Our New York City Office
We're easy to reach in a safe, pleasant neighborhood

We recommended that you print and bring these entire directions for your first visit.

We are in the Upper West Side/Morningside Heights area of Manhattan in New York City:

Hearts & Minds
165 West 105th Street, 2nd floor balcony

New York
, NY 10025  USA

Phone: 1-212-280-0333
More contact info

If you're planning a visit, for your convenience, we recommend calling first for an appointment. Our hours are subject to change.

Handicap access is not possible for our usual office spaces, but meetings and volunteering can be arranged in advance for accessible parts of the building.

You can find 165 West 105th Street NY NY in Google Maps or MapQuest.com. More info on our neighborhood is here. Transportation directions on how to reach our area are below.

Once you're in the area, head one block east of Broadway on 105th Street. You'll see this tower on the northeast corner of 105th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.

Hearts & Minds rents space from this church. We consider them a very good landlord, though we are not affiliated with any religion

Continue about 50 feet east of Amsterdam Ave. We're on the second floor balcony (a lot bigger than the outside one in the photo on your right : ) of the West End Presbyterian Church parish house.

This is the entrance to the building >

When you arrive, please use the intercom phone on the right doorpost of the double glass doors. Dial the number for Hearts & Minds that's listed on the directory next to the phone. Let us know who you are, we'll buzz you in.

If the person who answers the intercom doesn't offer to tell you how to find our office in the building, please ask. If the intercom doesn't work, or If the big wooden doors are ever locked, please call 1-212-280-0333 and we'll come down to let you in. If that doesn't work, you can also call Bill on his cell: 917-428-1061.

Detailed directions by mode of transport:
You may want to see the map link above to verify your route. You can also call (718) 330-1234 for free, mass transit directions to anywhere in NYC.

By Subway
       You can take a B or C train to the 103rd Street station. It lets you out at 103rd Street and Central Park West.
       From the 103rd Street station, walk two blocks uptown, turn on 105th Street, walk past Columbus Avenue towards Amsterdam Avenue. We're almost three blocks west of Central Park West.

       From downtown or midtown Manhattan: You can also take the #1, 2 or 3 train to West 96th St. These subway lines are indicated in red on the standard subway map and run along the West Side of Manhattan (on the left-hand side of the map).
       If you’re on an express (#2 or 3) train, transfer to the uptown local (#1) train at 96th St. Do not take the uptown #2 or 3 train past 96th Street. Take the #1 train one more stop to 103rd Street.

       From uptown and the Bronx: In addition to the B and C trains, explained above, you could take the #1 train directly to 103rd Street. You could also take the # 2 or 3 train to 96th St. and Broadway and (important!) go to the uptown platform and transfer to the #1 local uptown train to 103rd Street as described above. Do not take the uptown #2 or 3 train past 96th Street.

By Bus
       You can take the M104 bus from uptown to 104th Street and Broadway or downtown to 106th and Broadway. You can also ride the M7 or M11 bus uptown to 104th and Amsterdam Avenue or downtown one block east of us on Columbus Avenue. The M116 bus stops at Amsterdam Avenue and 106th Street.

       The M60 starts at Laguardia Airport, goes through parts of northern Queens, crosses the Triboro RFK Bridge and then takes you all the way to nearby 106th and Broadway - all for a regular local city bus fare.

       Here's a Manhattan bus map. When the map comes up on your screen, scroll down to see our neighborhood. It's to the left of the northwest corner of Central Park.

By Car
      Along the West Side of Manhattan you can take the Henry Hudson Parkway along the Hudson River on the far West Side of Manhattan. Exit at 96th St. Head east under the Riverside Drive bridge, two blocks to Amsterdam Avenue. Turn left to head uptown nine blocks to 105th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.

       From the Triboro RFK Bridge or 125th Street, head west on 125th Street, turn downtown on Broadway. Turn left at 104th Street. At the next block, turn left on Amsterdam Avenue. We're jut east of the NE corner of Amsterdam and 105th Street.

       From the Upper East Side, take 97th Street west across Central Park, turn right on Amsterdam Avenue (the third avenue after you exit the park) and 96th Street.

       When you arrive, you may find parking on the street. There are also several nearby parking garages. Before you come you can do a google maps search for parking garages West 105th Street New York NY. Then click on "Search Maps" near the top of your computer screen.
       You can also get a map of nearby parking and compare rates at  www.nyc.bestparking.com/index.php. Select "Daily" and "by address" and enter: 165 W 105th Street.

For directions by helicopter :-)   please call.  

For your convenience, please call 1-212-280-0333 for an appointment before visiting. Thank you.

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