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Ways to volunteer with us

Gain experience in strategic planning and implementation. Experienced people collaborate with those who would like to help and learn.

Choose what you like
Develop your skills in your choice(s) from the wide range of activities below. You can later switch groups. Over time, you may find increasing responsibilities and opportunities.

Even if you are fairly new to an activity, you may still be able to help and learn from others.

Please note: Not all activities are open to all. It depends on your interests, skills and aptitude.

Still, all volunteers are always welcome to let us know how we can improve their experiences and our organization's work. We try to accommodate all requests that we judge can also advance our vital public service work.

After you see this web page below, you might like to add your activity choices to your volunteer application. You can also contact us with any questions.

Hearts & Minds End Poverty Campaign logo links to more on how you can help END extreme hunger and poverty worldwideEND POVERTY CAMPAIGNSM (EPC) - Hearts & Minds is building a nationwide End Poverty Campaign - an innovative and achievable plan to help end extreme poverty more quickly and cost-effectively.

Grassroots Organizing and Advocacy - recruit or work with citizen activists helping end global hunger and poverty. Logo for Our World - Our Future: Youth For Change links to information about the program

ARTS AND COMMUNICATIONS PROGRAMS - Youth for ChangeSM  (YFC) and Seniors for ChangeSM (SFC)
Important: These programs are not currently very active. If they are your main choice, please speak to us before coming in.

You can also work on EPC, YFC or SFC with your choice of almost any combination of activities below:

GENERAL - participate in a wide range of activities.

Social Media is an important part of our public service. We use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to recruit supporters, support ending extreme poverty, raise funds and more.

Marketing & Publishing - choose from strategic planning, website and social media promotion, production and other marketing activities.

Marketing Research - online research and/or surveys and focus groups to evaluate and improve our effectiveness. These activities are not always active, so you can speak to us before coming in.

Journalism - research, writing and editing articles for us. This activity is currently limited.

We are most interested in coverage of global poverty and successful programs where people lift themselves from extreme poverty. If you prefer other topics, please speak with us before coming in.

Public Relations for national publicity campaigns: press releases and other marketing materials. Contact major media, including blogs, newspapers, magazines, social media, radio and television.

Advertising - general use and development of skills in advertising and marketing to promote our work, website and publications. We do not usually purchase ads, so not all aspects of advertising are included at this time.

Ad Sales - selling sponsorships and advertising for our website.

Fund Raising - personal solicitation and fundraising events are most active. There may also be some opportunities in planned giving, direct mail, corporate and foundation fundraising.

Events Planning - organize fund-raising events from a small dinner to a large End Poverty Walkathon. We are not actively planning a large Walkathon at this time.

Volunteer Recruitment & Personnel - recruit, supervise and communicate with volunteers and interns in our office and all over the world (via fax, phone or e-mail).

Computers/Technical Support
- hardware and software.

Website Design, Programming and Development - can include website editing, design, management, promotion, and website hosting, software. May involve WordPress, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and other programs.

- arts management and/or fine art, illustration or photography primarily for our website.

Art Direction/Graphic Design - can include work on our website, some print, press releases and more.

Copywriting - promotional writing for website, publicity and printed publications.

Creative Writing - essays, poetry or short stories that must be of high quality and usually directly related to helping end extreme poverty. Less often, we publish material related to other issues.

MANAGEMENT, FINANCIAL, LAW - see also: Leadership Opportunities
Accounting and Financial Management - can include bookkeeping and financial reports. May also involve analysis of financial info from organizations we might work with overseas (travel not required or included).
     Our accounting is done in QuickBooks. We are not accepting people to work with this program unless they have extensive, professional experience with QuickBooks or a CPA.

Law and Regulatory Compliance - can include employee, volunteer, member and government relations; intellectual property; avoiding libel, liability, and other legal exposure; regulatory compliance, and insurance.

Office - office management and/or clerical work.

Carpentry and Interior Design - design and/or crafting improvements for our office space.

TRANSLATION of our fundraising materials from English to your native language. You could fundraise in your language. Most translation activities are on hold for now: More Info

You can apply now to volunteer with us
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Thanks for your interest!Hearts & Minds End Poverty Campaign logo links to more on how you can help END extreme hunger and poverty worldwide

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