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Event with Achilles Track Club

Hearts & Minds' ran this program along with The Hope & Possibility 5 Mile Run/Walk, an annual event sponsored by the Achilles Track Club. Achilles is a nonprofit organization that promotes the participation of disabled individuals in mainstream athletics, achievement through self-help and the removal of barriers between the disabled and non-disabled.

On a beautiful June morning in Central Park, an enthusiastic group of kids put pen to paper to create artwork. More than 20 children drew pictures reflecting their views of nature, the importance of protecting the environment, and ways to improve the planet.

At the event, both disabled and non-disabled children and young adults took advantage of the opportunity to creatively express their ideas about the environment. The drawings they made can be an inspiration and  lesson to all of us.

Artworks from This Event

This event was part of an ongoing program of events at schools, after-school programs and homeless shelters: Photos of Other Events  I  More Photos of Other Events  l  Photos from "Decorate the City"

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