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BBSEOgroup.jpg (29823 bytes)Youth for ChangeSM is a hands-on program where kids and teens receive inspiring and valuable instruction on art, effective communication and important social issues.

They communicate their concerns through drawings, paintings, poetry, essays, sculptures, video, music and more. Some of their art may be displayed on our website and many other places for the entire world to see.

Participants learn the value of expressing themselves on important issues. They can also write letters to their elected representatives and to the media to help raise support for positive change.

Photos from our Programs

Creative expression encourages people of all ages to think more deeply about important issues while motivating  them to act for positive change. Starting in New York City, this program eventually will expand nationally and internationally.

At our events, participants learn from our volunteers about the environment, poverty or other important issues and ways people of all ages can empower themselves to make a difference. The young participants also learn how to effectively communicate their messages to the public.

Youth for Change works with kids and teens in homeless shelters, community and after-school programs. Some artworks can be seen here.

We also partnered with the Achilles Track Club to run a program during one of its Central Park races. You can learn more about this event and see photos from it on our website.

Youth for Change previously worked with NYC Recovers, another nonprofit organization. In a "Decorate the City" event, children created posters to help cope with stress related to the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11. This event was covered by four television and cable outlets.

So far, this is an occasional, local program. Over time, once we have sufficient funding, we plan to greatly expand this program both locally and around the world.

Youth for ChangeSM was created by Hearts & Minds Network, Inc., a nonprofit organization in New York City. Our mission is to help people get to the roots of pressing needs in society. We work to reach as many people as possible, directing each one to the most effective resources for themselves and others.

This program is created for children to reach more people

We already have influenced millions of people to get involved for the environment, poverty, human rights, addictions and other important issues. With our website - http://www.change.net - and national publicity efforts, Hearts & Minds works locally in NYC, nationwide and internationally.

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